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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 23, 2021


-Jerry finds a great deal with AT&T where you can turn in an older iPhone, only to find that it’s not so great. 

-To top it off, the iPhone he returns gets “lost” in the mail.

-1Password recently released a very welcomed new feature to share credentials with users, even if they do not have a 1Password account themselves.

-One of Sam’s clients also used 1Password and he describes how to invite people and share vaults.

-A big win for Daylite ( as Sam had to retrieve an important email communication with a client in order to show the onus was on the client to make a key decision.

-Both 1Password and Daylite by Market Circle are very friendly to the ACN community.

-Jerry has a good iOS 15 Control Center tip.

-What is Apple Music Voice Plan?

-Sam signed up for AppleOne Premier, since he was already paying for a variety of Apple services  that equalled the same price.

-Jerry is frustrated about how Apple News notifies you about an interesting article, only to show a service he needs to subscribe to.

-One of Jerry’s clients had lost access to their iCloud account. He describes the painstaking steps he had to take to try to have his client remember their iPhone unlock code.

-Joe has almost the exact same story with one of his clients.