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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 29, 2022


-Joe discusses some of the new products released by Apple.

-All the latest announcements were immediately discussed in TidBITS Content Network newsletter.

-Josh Centers of TidBITS started a separate site called to help people make decisions on what products to purchase.

-Working with a long standing client where he used to be the “web master”, Joe recommends Squarespace for their updated website.

-One of Joe’s customers has a email address that did not seem to be able to receive mail any longer to anything but the new address.

-Joe is frustrated about attempting to donate to UNICEF via Apple Music. Sam is surprised at making a live donation on air.

-Sam tries using a navigation app with some old friends with little success.

-Windows 365 is a cloud hosted version of Windows. Joe’s experience wasn’t so great.

-Dropbox issues a warning of compatibility with macOS 12.3:

-Sam issues a warning about using a configuration profile to set a password expiration on a local Mac account.

-MDM Live from Addigy get a big thumbs up from Joe.

-In looking into it, Sam sees some very interesting beta features like MDM Live and Flex Policies.

-One of Sam’s clients reaches out at odd hours of the night. This particular issue dealt with a failed upgrade attempt.

-We discuss what defines a crisis and cancellation policies.

-We take a moment to thank Nate Cinal of Scout IT for his thoughtful gifts to the crew.