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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 12, 2022


-Jerry expresses his frustration with clients at times.

-He also has difficulty chasing down customers who sign up for MSP service and do not make the time to install all of their tools.

-A good old previously mentioned marketing tool is placing a sticker on network equipment that is branded with your company contact information.

-Sam uses small asset tags with contact information that go on all devices. is an excellent custom rack mount equipment.

-One of Sam’s clients was unimpressed after his cable management work.

-Joe talks about raising his onsite rates.

-Joe has to do some convincing to get a client to get the right configuration of Synology and UniFi equipment.

-Optimum Online, a local ISP, is now providing fiber with Gigabit symmetrical speeds.

-Jerry also has fiber…