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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 19, 2022


-Sam’s daughter lost her wallet but there was no AirTag or Tile used. 

-Joe talks about Chipolo, a third party vendor that works with the FindMy infrastructure. 

-Sam has a gripe about people that can’t read through an entire email. 

-One of Joe’s clients had a display issue that seemed to persist after a restart. 

-Jerry’s client insists on a visit for something that could have been done remotely. 

-Sam had to coach a fellow consultant on billing what he was worth. 

-Joe tests our knowledge of how to restart HomePod. 

-In this week’s episode of “I should have known this”, Joe talks about a Synology searching issue. 

-Jerry has a mother of “I should have known this” with a Ubiquiti update story. Enter cached updates. 

-Joe insists the Apple Studio Display should have built in Apple TV capabilities or, at least Airplay. Jerry is having none of it.