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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 24, 2022


-Joe has an update on using his new Synology with Synlogy Central Management System. After digging around with notifications, he was frustrated. Thanks to Dan Monge of Mac IT Pros for the tip to look at the client Synology notifications as there is an additional CMS column.

-PsiMac charges a monthly service fee for network management.

-“Don’t be afraid to charge the client” -Jerry Zigmont

-A pesky client calls Jerry multiple times as he racking up his bill.

-Someone that needed help and Joe spent some time diagnosing, decides to try and migrate data on her 10 year old computer on her own.

-Jerry expresses concerns about working with customers that have 10 year old equipment and the risks that come with it.

-For new clients, Joe standardizes on getting a system report from Watchman Monitoring.

-PSA - BackBlaze keeps your historical data for only 30 days by default.

-Keeping old hardware for cost saving reasons can end up costing people in the end as the labor to upgrade can be extended due to aging equipment.

-Joe brings up finding better ways to manage automatic updates across different hardware/software.

-UniFi updates seem to handle rolling updates well.