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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 21, 2022

Command Control Power has reached our 9th anniversary! We have been recording new episodes every week since June of 2013. We are very appreciative of our Patrons and over the next month or so, we are going to do something a little different to show our appreciation.

We will be airing new shows every week on the private Patreon feed.  On the public show we will re-air a classic episode from our catalog of almost 500 episodes, along with the occasional new show. Become a Patron today for access to the freshest content, get a peek behind the scenes, and more candid conversations about running our businesses, dealing with clients and fixing tough technical issues.


-What is a Windows NUC?

-Jerry had to reconstruct a network and struggled with the guest network.

-Another Jerry networking story, he struggles with a network setup and Comcast/Xfinity cable modem.

-Billing for essentially observing a situation can be an uncomfortable to bill full rate for.

-Sam also had to deal with an ISP issue with an old client. Turned out to be a billing issue.

-Not to be left out, Joe has an ISP story of his own.

-During a recent fiber upgrade at Sam’s own house, he runs into a set of issues and runarounds from the ISP.

-Do you accept direct emails and texts from customers?

-Zendesk macros are handy. As well as chat bot features.

-A client from a decade ago re-engaged with Sam. A lot had changed since then as he wasn’t even an MSP back then.

-Adobe’s Creative Cloud sharing functions are terrible yet they don’t support other cloud services or on-site servers.

-Sam ordered AirPods Pro on Amazon and thought he got “Jerry’d”.