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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 28, 2022


-Sam finds some Monterey changes difficult on his quest to be more efficient.

-Jerry uses Daylite exclusively for Reminders.

-Joe likes the Things app

-Intermittently. Sam’s reminders would stop appearing on his Mac. A setting in Notifications & Focus

-Back in his teens, Sam recalls the time he started up his own “reminder service”.

-Joe was using Terminal tools like ioreg to detect things like if a Mac is in clamshell mode.

-Poor care for laptops leads to screen or hinge breaks.

-Troubleshooting Magic Keyboard issues led to a simple upgrade being required.

-Sam is learning a lot more about Google Workspace and its MDM restrictions.

-Jerry poses the question about what cloud services to recommend to small clients.

-During a 1Password migration for his family, Sam moved a little too fast and deleted his wife’s private vault.

-Safari is causing Sam some greif and Jerry has advice.

-Private Relay and Addigy Live Desktop don’t play nice together in Joe’s experiment.

-confusion ensues for how and where to disable these privacy features.

-One of Jerry’s clients compares him to their “technical guys” at work.