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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 4, 2022

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-Joe talks about being back on the road and costs/challenges associated with it.

-He had a PepLink Router but doesn’t have as much of a need for it anymore.

-As iCloud is trying to share media, even if it is unable to at the moment, the recipient still receives an alert that the media has been shared with them.

-During extreme heat, the iPhone display seems to dim brightness.

-A discussion brews about the iPhone SOS feature.
-What is the best way to share photos amongst iPhone and Android users?

-Along those lines, the Google Photos app asks for access to ALL photos by default.

-On a positive note, Joe really likes the Focus modes available in iOS 16.

-Jerry does some research on Starlink. The antenna is $600 and activation is $110. Throw in installation costs and you are looking at close to $1000.

-This year’s exit of Burning Man had major traffic jams.

-Jerry talks about concerned calls from his clients about Apple vulnerabilities. His general rule of thumb is to update right away when Apple sends notifications.

-How do you deal with with marketing campaigns from competitors?

-Managing Apple updates using MDM is still not a perfect science.