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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 20, 2022


-We recollect the OnForce days with the Apple Consultants Network.

-Jerry has some follow up after his recent lightning strike. He has a heck of a time getting the replacement modem to operate at the proper speeds.

-It speaks to the larger issues of declining quality of technical support.

-One of Jerry’s older clients lost access to her SBC Global email account, which is now in the hands of AT&T. One month later, he has to revisit this after a phishing scam.

-Joe has follow up to his emojis not working when in clamshell mode. Command+Control+Space works as a keyboard shortcut.

-The newsletter helps Joe out with a tool called Screen Nudge to allow screen recording via automation.

-Although you can no longer schedule reboots in macOS Ventura, Charles Edge mentions using the pmset command on

-As Joe brings up Apple’s language on software updates/upgrades, we discuss the current methods of managing them for clients.

-Shoutout to TidBITS Content Network and their latest holiday gift guide.

-A big thank you to our latest patron, Rod Miller of RQM Consulting.