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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 17, 2023


-Galing, Galing! Jerry has a frustrating time dealing with outsourced technical support.

-Sam shared experiences with Microsoft where they always want a phone call, even though you select email as a preferred method of contact.

-Sam finally has a big moment for Addigy Live Desktop where Splashtop struggled through Setup Assistant.

-One of Joe’s clients has an issue with her Apple Studio Display and external devices disconnecting. Some confusion at Apple retail caused a debacle.

-In the midst of all this, Joe leverages the power of Addigy Live Terminal & System Profiler for hardware/software details.

-Billing for this job was not easy.

-A client frustrates Sam by moving network equipment in the office.

-Remote cable termination? Apparently that’s possible for Joe.

-Jerry’s dad needed help with Adobe Lightroom and he thought it best to have him work with a fellow professional. Shout out to Shawn Crogen from XAG Solutions for the referral. Thanks to Ronald Gehrmann of Metro Mac Support for the work.

-After talking about Mouseposé on a recent show, Armin Briegel talked about how he created it when he was working as a consulting engineer at Apple and eventually had it published by Boinx.