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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 24, 2023

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-Sam took some time off to travel to Portugal.

-How do you handle reaching out to an employee when they are on vacation and need to be contacted?

-Sam was frustrated at what he considered a simple direction to an employee.

-Joe would like to be able to focus on one aspect of his job.

-Joe develops a “custom fact” in Addigy to deal with Time Machine issues.

-Jerry waltzes in and reigns on Joe’s backup parade.

-Backing up to Synology has been successful for Jerry.

-One of Sam’s client had her son help her with migrating to a new Mac. Needless to say, it went awry.

-Apparently, BackBlaze has a weekly maintenance occur Thursday at 2-4PM Pacific Time. During the middle of the work day!

-Going back to the full window in Apple Music when listening to music seems to elude Joe.

-Jerry doesn’t even use Apple Music anymore. He is a fan of Rhune.

-Enabling text message forwarding on your Mac is necessary to get SMS messages on your Mac.

-Still using macOS Server, Joe ran into a point update to 12.6.1 making shares disappear.

-We welcome back Amy McKnight as a sponsor of Command Control Power! We would like to wish her the best at her new position with VIM Coaching.

-Command Control Power is celebrating show 500!