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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 31, 2023


-Jerry focuses on backups and talks about Backblaze B2 and the backup data format.

-Copying/pasting has been problematic for Jerry. Joe suggests looking at third party clipboard management tools.

-Odd characters in file names are still a thing.

-Joe talks about the MacPaw Foundation and their support of Ukraine.

-Paste and Match Style and its keyboard shortcut is a great feature, but not all apps support it well.

-LastPass and their most recent breach causes concern for customers that are already skittish about password managers.

-Nord VPN shares the 200 most commonly used passwords.

-Not all Rackspace PSTs have been restored.

-Why does the Help menu in an app show general help information instead of help for the app you are in?

-Joe wants a more obvious Eject menu for removable media.

-When you PIN conversations, it creates a series of frustrations for Joe & Jerry.

-Potential (and existing) customers don’t always understand the value of our time.