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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 9, 2023


-Sam saw an unexpected message on his iPhone, instructing him to share his screen with AppleCare.

-A client reached out to Joe about their Synology beeping. The story went south quickly but hats off to RAID recovery from Synology.

-MSP customers don’t reach out even when network or ISP changes occur.

-As a customer deleted 365 users, it was learned that they were sharing data from OneDrive and this data was suddenly not accessible to users that did not know its origin.

-Some changes to Dropbox storage locations can cause unexpected issues, especially working with third party apps.

-BitDefender had issues with MDM profiles and having to re-approve extensions.

-Joe references some of our recent Patreon only content.

-We take a moment to pay our respects to Bill Keogh, owner of NovaWorks in New York. Bill was involved in the Apple community for years and many colleagues had the opportunity to meet him as they trained at his facility over the years. Bill was a kind soul and will be missed.