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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 15, 2023


-This week we welcome Shawn Lemon, founder & CEO of The Digital Organizer.

-Shawn was a Creative at the Apple Store for several years.

-A dinner guest challenges Shawn to start his new career.

-After a great start, he found himself in break/fix land for a while.

-Shawn talks about the days of hard drive upgrades and rolling that into digital organization.

-He stopped break/fix cold one day.

-Migrating to Google Workspace and organizing data is the main focus of his current business model.

-He talks about creating partnerships with other businesses.

-Shawn has one full time employee and leverages contractors.

-After giving up MSP work, he’s working on creating a recurring model for digital organization projects.

-Joe talks about keeping someone at hourly until mutually vetting each other.

-Certain people are disorganized for a reason, and that can lead to a level of pushback.

-Mindfulness training is another aspect of the job.

-Shawn created a digital organization guide for Command Control Power listeners, available here.