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Apr 30, 2024

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Jason Dettbarn joins us on the show once again! Jason is the founder and CEO at Addigy.

Jason has been on our show many times over the years.

Jason talks about how he didn’t pay himself for two years as he built up Addigy’s business.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) has been around for 14 years and is a traditional method for managing mobile devices.

DDM (Declarative Device Management) is a newer approach by Apple that takes more initiative in managing devices.

MDM tells devices what to do, while DDM provides a recipe for the devices to follow and manage their own state.

  • Advantages of DDM:

    • Less burden on MDM servers

    • Devices are more proactive in managing their state

    • Requires less communication between servers and devices

  • Challenges of DDM:

    • MDM tools are still needed for some tasks (e.g., software deployment, agent-based features)

    • Requires trust in Apple to manage devices effectively

Key takeaways:

  • DDM is a significant shift in Apple's device management philosophy.

  • MDM and DDM will likely coexist for several years.

  • Agents will still play an important role in device management alongside DDM.


  • There's a need to balance user experience with enforcing compliance policies. Ideally, compliance checks should happen seamlessly without interrupting the user workflow.

  • Conditional Access features in Microsoft Endpoint Manager allow enforcing compliance rules and remediating issues automatically.

  • Managed Apple IDs with built-in compliance features can improve data compartmentalization on Apple devices.

  • Users should be able to see their compliance status and take corrective actions if needed.

  • AI-powered smart filters can help identify devices with potential issues based on user-defined criteria.

  • Addigy is developing a new solution to simplify and automate updates for public software and third-party applications.

  • Jason talks about how collaboration between vendors is crucial for creating a more secure and efficient mobile device management ecosystem.