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May 7, 2024

Michael Thomsen, founder of Origin 84 sits down with us once again to have a long overdue conversation.

Michael shares how he and his company has faired since the pandemic.

Will Joe miss ACES for his 20th wedding anniversary?

While in town for ACES 2024, Michael will take the opportunity in to do some fascinating work and experience the Grand Staircase in Utah.

We talk about how Origin 84 is reassessing and potentially adjusting client relationships to optimize efficiency and alignment with their post-pandemic vision.

Initial focus was to identify clients who:
-No longer align with our current business goals (products, services, target market).
-Have outdated contracts that lack clarity on terms, expectations, and fees.

Creating timelines is important to establish a completion date.

Client contracts shows the full value of the business.

Use the media narrative to create opportunities for your business.

Conduct client reviews (surveys, one-on-one meetings, etc.) to assess alignment and contract status.

Develop and implement clear communication protocols (preferred channels, response times, etc.).

Establish healthy boundaries with clients (e.g., scope of work limitations, after-hours communication expectations).

Improve client relationships and manage expectations through clear communication.

Origin 84 sat down as a team to re-evaluate client relationships and used a multitude of factors to decide to continue to work with them.

We discuss the difficulty to assess profitability per client with unlimited monthly models.

Time tracking is still critical to understand if your company is profitable.

“Track the time, sell the value.” Jason Harrison

Jerry talks about how he manages his business as an army of one.

Be careful proposing to all your clients. What happens if they all say yes?

Michael gives us some great insight into his business acumen. 

It all flows back to Burning Man for Joe. 

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