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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 21, 2024

In this episode of Command Control Power, we welcome back Shelley Watson, a seasoned professional in the tech industry. We delve into a wide range of topics including Shelley's history of presenting and training and her transition from running Wheelwrights to starting a new business venture. The discussion moves into deeper waters as Shelley shares insights on ageism, gender bias in the tech industry, and the importance of building trust with clients. She emphasizes the value of experience, synthesizing information, and how being seasoned professionals can give them an edge. Shelley also touches on the significance of having a constructive influence beyond just technical assistance and the importance of diversity and amplification in the workplace. The conversation is peppered with personal anecdotes, professional advice, and Shelley’s outlook on the future of her career.

We talk a bit about Shelley's journey and her training days.

There is an art in being an extrovert and engaging with audiences

Shelley talks about transitioning from Wheelwrights to DBQ Technology

Navigating the Pandemic: Adapting to remote work and training

She discusses the challenges and strategies of closing a business

Vendor relationships and the intricacies of business closure can be a tough road

We discuss building trust and demonstrating motives in business

Jerry has questions about navigating age and experience in the consulting world

This leads us down a path to gender bias in our field

Shelley talks about the power of amplification

People say things that are indicators as to who they are. Pay attention to those queues

t may be uncomfortable to do so, but it is key to find ways to make someone aware of something they said

You may not feel like your comment will matter, but you could be one of many that triggers change

Progress, improvement, relief is important for people

The Role of Technology Professionals in Social Change

Concluding Thoughts on Ageism and Future Conversations

Shelley was hoping to get into her favorite conversation like the Hold Harmless clause, which means we will have to have her back on again!

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