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Apr 23, 2024

Beloved Author and Apple Authority Passes Away

The Apple community mourns the loss of Charles Edge, a renowned author and expert who dedicated his career to empowering users with knowledge.  

Charles was a cornerstone for many Apple enthusiasts.  His acclaimed book series, "Take Control of OS X Server," provided users with clear and comprehensive guidance on managing their server environments.  He was also known for his ongoing work on a historical chronicle of computing, showcasing his passion for technology's evolution.

Beyond his publications, Charles was admired for his genuine kindness and willingness to share his expertise.  He leaves behind a legacy of not only valuable resources, but also a spirit of helpfulness that enriched the Apple community.

Command Control Power remembers Charles Edge, a friend and expert we had the pleasure of speaking with. This conversation from 2014 is a testament to his knowledge and enduring legacy. We miss him dearly.


Joe, Sam, and Jerry