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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jul 18, 2013


  • pros and cons of cloud-based solutions
  • clients don't understand the cloud
  • storage issues with people moving to flash storage with limited space (e.g., MacBook Air with 64/128 GB)
  • backing up locally vs. to the cloud
  • Mail Service on Mac OS X Server; backup and restoration considerations
  • Kerio Connect and Microsoft Exchange; built-in backup and restore options
  • private cloud services
  • DropBox security considerations, and secure alternatives
  • get comfortable with saying "no" by repeating it to yourself
  • charging for the discovery process and protecting yourself when writing a proposal; offering a free introductory hour
  • clients stumbling on support from rogue third-party companies when trying to find first-party support
  • clients accidentally moving the Microsoft User Data folder or iPhoto database; iPhoto used to allow iPhoto Library to be in the Trash!
  • Time Machine does not back up the Trash, but some clients store data there
  • question from the audience: "What part of your job, as an Apple consultant, do you enjoy most?"


Memorable lines:

"I see people actually look up when they talk about the cloud." – Sam



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