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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 6, 2014

Recorded live March 4, 2014


Rumpus FTP server

Device Enrollment Program; there goes 15 minutes billable/device… leaving more time for client face-time?

- remote support and workflows for being away from the office, either at a conference or on holiday

- Wi-Fi quality in hotels when traveling

- timing vacations as extended weekends instead of full weeks to minimize downtime

- teaming up with local consultants for backup coverage; filtering incoming requests in your absence

- away messages and advance notice for clients; why shake the hornet's nest?

SendLater plugin

- going off the grid for a day... or nine… I took nine.

- subcontractor rates; professional courtesies

- representing the contracting company, or generically Apple, or explaining the coverage arrangement between the consultants to the client

- sharing secure notes with trusted partner consultants; e.g.

- monitoring client machines with Watchman Monitoring

- the importance of comprehensive documentation


- re: episode 039: when enabling (Legacy) FileVault on 10.6 and prior, there's an option to "use secure erase" when deleting the old home folder after it's been migrated to the encrypted disk image