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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 26, 2015

We're sponsored this week by MacTech Pro Events, designed for the professional tech or consultant who supports Apple technologies.

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- Discussion about dealing with large corporate clients including hardware installations, collaboration with internal IT Departments, bureaucracy, and getting paid.

- Jerry discusses recent Yosemite upgrade challenges with Mac Mini's that had previously been in RAID 1 configurations. Cites an article surrounding upgrade issues as detailed in AFP548 article: When Yosemite has Fallen, and it Can’t Get Up

- Jerry references the service OnlyMyEmail for providing MX Records for Yosemite Server running Apple Mail. Service offers in addition to SPAM filtering, email spooling to collect mail when the Server is unavailable.: 

- Joe discusses DYN DNS Backup MX, the feasibility of an email forwarding service when a clients email server goes down. Joe also uses Gmail service as a backup for his company domain e-mail using forwarding.

- Joe and Jerry discuss the benefits and personal experience of using Kerio Connect enterprise class email, built for business.: