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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 12, 2015

Recorded live on June 2, 2015

Thanks to Mike Kingsley of Kingsley Mac Consulting for joining us on the live show!

- thanks to Ben Mason at Mac-MSP for supporting the show on Patreon

- as a reminder: for $15/month we'll mention your name and/or company in the live show

- Joe details the ways in which the new MacBook is a pain to migrate data to, with its One port!  Best sure to charge it fully before attempting migration. When Migration Assistant fails, problems are compounded since the new MacBook must be charged between attempts. Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter is now shipping, allowing users everywhere to not only connect a USB device, but also charge the MacBook at the very same time!

- Joe believes that when screen goes dark on new MacBook, the machine sleeps – even if you're in the middle of a clone using Carbon Copy Cloner. Shouldn't CCC prevent machine sleep?  To be safe, change Energy Saver settings to not sleep display for 3 hours while you're running a clone?

- Does the Recovery partition stores passwords to wireless networks you've connected to? Actually as Andrew Ball and Ben Mason point out in the chat, it seems that the credentials are stored in NVRAM and can be removed with a PRAM reset. Add that to the refurbishment procedures!

- Joe notes that magnetic Apple Watch bands can trigger MacBook "sleep on lid close" sensor. Joe's client had intermittent spontaneous sleep on his MacBook Air while using it. Joe said: "...Another thing to consider is that the sensor that detects when the lid is closed is magnetic, so magnets and certain metals can affect it." Joe's client said: "You are SO SMART! I recently got the Apple Watch with the Milanese Bracelet.  It has a MAGNETIC CLOSURE!!!  The problem started about the time I began using the Watch.  This is a repeatable event.  Perhaps you can write it up and send it to one of your professional journals or to Apple." Anyone else seeing this? MagnetGate

- thanks to Morgs Daly for joining us in the live chat from Brisbane Australia!

- Jerry details client issues installing Microsoft Office 2011 from a client's Office 365 account, resulting in the following error:

MS Office.jpg
  • MS Office Suite Apps Appear In The Dock

  • This occurred after install completes and Activation or Installation Utility FAILED To Auto Launch (black background MS branded)

  • Same If attempting to launch any individual app:

  • - Created New Users Account

  • - Different removal techniques per Microsoft

  • - Microsoft support article about this issue

  • - Remote Session With MS Tech - Terrible

  • - Installed PathFinder - Search For “microsoft”, removed all hidden documents

  • - Created Time Machine Backup, Wiped Drive & Time Machine Restore From Recovery Partition, Installed Office = same issue

  • Note: Restore Of Time Machine is a “cleaner install” than running Migration Assistant per Apple

  • Resolution- Wipe Drive, Reinstall OS, Create New Admin User, Install Office, Run Migration Assistant and Import User From Time Machine Backup