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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 15, 2015

Thanks to Charles Edge of JAMF software and for joining us this week!

Recorded on September 8, 2015


Bushel -

Bushel is a cloud-based tool that anyone can leverage to manage the Apple devices in their workplace. The seamless interface can be accessed through an intuitive web portal that can be used on any device, at any location.

- Require your client to prepare a list of questions when you are doing on site service or they come to your location.

- A goal to adding managed service products like Watchmen, Gruntwork etc is have it cost you, about 10% of what you are charging the client on a monthly or yearly basis.

- Like Bushel? The Bushel Affiliate Program was made for you. After you sign up, we will provide you with a special link to share with others. Once someone signs up more than 3 devices from your referral, you start earning. Earning what? A percentage of their monthly Bushel bill, forever. It’s that simple. To become a Bushel affiliate, visit

"The Blue Ocean Strategy” - How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim

Ozzy Osbourne and the "AMX Touch Panel" Remote Control-

The Apple / IBM / JAMF Collaboration -

Enterprise Mac Administrators Guide - by Charles Edge

Dead Tech Books Instagram Account -

Vera Smart Home Control -

Charles Edge speaking engagements:

Mac Sys Admin 2015
September 29 - October 2 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden

JAMF Nation User Conference 2015
October 13-15, 2015
Minneapolis, MN

Mac Admin And Developer Conference UK 2015
February, 2016
London, England

You can follow Charles on Twitter - @cedge318