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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 22, 2015

Recorded on September 15, 2015


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- Sam discusses an authentication issue after performing the latest Yosemite server update.

- Feedback from Daniel Escobar at Proactechs, our latest t-shirt level patron:
"Thank you guys. Everyone at my company is mandated to listen to the show on a regular basis. It creates a lot of dialogue. A lot of times we are dealing with a new issue and you guys will comment on the same issue."

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- Joe revisits the topic of .temporaryitems on Mac Server and locked files, created in this case, for Microsoft Office applications. “.. all files being read only."

"Where do .TemporaryItems folders come from?” 
Answer: When a mommy folder and a daddy folder love each other very much......

General consensus is that using Open Directory avoids the issue.

naming or permissions error on the destination volume

Word 2011 will not save to a server whose name is "files" or contains "files" as part of its name.

.TemporaryItems on the network share

- Joe shares his frustration with users pressing the power button on their Mac to turn it off at night

- No news is good news ... so says Linux and Unix. All processes return a status code, and you can expect that to be:
0 - success
1 - failure
2 - abject failure

- Sam shares a story of working with an educational institution not following up to complete work requests. 

- Joe clarifies the size of 172 space vs 192.168.x.x

- Jerry shares a positivity experience on an out of warranty repair at a local Apple Store

- Joe closes the story on his client with an ongoing Apple ID issue and shares what wasn’t shared.