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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 20, 2015

Recorded on October 13, 2015

Tom Schmidt - TheMAcGuys+

Tom Schmidt - TheMAcGuys+

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- Joe, Sam and Jerry begin the show with a topic submitted by a great supporter of the show, Mark Fuccio. He asked about some tips or guidance in purchasing a used Mac.

Joe has had positive experience dealing with "MacOfAllTrades - Buy a Mac. Sell a Mac" and "PowerMax"

Determining battery cycle count for Mac notebooks -

You can find Mark on Twitter at @markfuccio and occasionally he appears on Chuck Joiner's "Mac Voices" -

- CCP is joined by Tom Schmidt - Tech Supervisor at The Mac Guys + who "provide exceptional repair and proactive support for Mac computers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Call 763/331-MACS (6227) in Minnesota, 715/426-9670 in Wisconsin"
You can find Tom on Twitter - @tomdar2  and also appears on this podcast

CRM Software for Computer Repair Shops and more.

World's first Apple computer retailer to shutter operations on Mar. 30

Apple Studio Display 21 CRT Discharge Instructions & Tool

Apple III -
"Many Apple IIIs were thought to have failed due to their inability to properly dissipate heat. inCider stated in 1986 that "Heat has always been a formidable enemy of the Apple ///", and some users reported that their Apple IIIs became so hot that the chips started dislodging from the board, causing the screen to display garbled data or their disk to come out of the slot "melted". BYTE wrote, "the integrated circuits tended to wander out of their sockets". Apple advised customers to lift the Apple III off the desk until it was six inches in the air, and then drop it to reseat the chips. Other analyses blame a faulty automatic chip insertion process, not heat."

The Apple iPod by HP

Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging