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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 29, 2015

Happy Holidays from Command Control Power!


  • Comcast getting out of the router business.

  • OptOnline getting into the router business.

  • Clients don't always appreciate the difficulty of dealing with unknown equipment.

  • We cannot in good conscience allow a client to purchase an iMac without a Fusion Drive (or all flash storage), and will routinely instruct clients to exchange a new iMac if they fail to specify it properly when purchasing without consulting us.

  • Sam follows up about his client's email migration from their ancient non-SSL email host to Google Apps, with an interim step at Rackspace via MigrationWiz since Google wouldn't touch a non-SSL server (and MigrationWiz would).

  • Sam follows up about the challenges when configuring SonicWALL email filtering for a client suffering from severe spoofing, with thanks to Dave Provine who recommended configuring SPF records to result in hard failure for spoofed messages.

  • Joe admits his difficulty setting up an SPF record for his own domain.

  • Sam reveals the overlooked simple solution for his own iPhone difficulties.