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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 26, 2021


-Sam shares a story about a stolen iPhone that, thankfully has a good ending.

-Joe debates an upgrade to the latest iPhone. He still has “the good phone”.

-AT&T has a great trade in deal that Jerry took advantage of.

-Jerry talks about the text capturing feature of iOS 15 vs Text Sniper.

-Have you tried to...

Oct 19, 2021


-Joe has to troubleshoot his own internet connection with the ISP.

-GoNetSpeed appears to be a new provider in the Fairfield County area in CT.

-Jerry has some challenges connecting routers that auto config to an Altice modem/router from Optimum Online.

-One of Sam’s clients decided to...

Oct 12, 2021


-We welcome Jon Brown of Grove Technologies. Jon is a long time VIP supporter of the show.

-Jon recalls attending a WWE even with the CCP crew, thanks to Joe’s sister.

-Starting a new business proved to be challenging initially. He talks about his learning curve and experiences building his current business.

Oct 5, 2021

Thank you to our VIP sponsors!

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-Joe ponders the question, what about requiring a monthly plan?

-Everyone debates the merits of a managed services only approach.

-One of Jerry’s customers mistakenly deleted mass amounts of Gmail data synced with Apple Mail. Retrieval wasn’t...