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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 5, 2017


Sam gets back from his European tour and gives us all the details

A potential crisis is averted at a large client while Sam is away

Sam puts out a call for an HP managed switch expert

HP Enterprise support is not a joyous experience for Sam

“Don’t we have people that can do this?” - Becoming a manager and keeping the tech

iCloud Photo Sharing goes “belly up” and Sam finds an interesting way to resolve it

Joe has his own iCloud Photo Library sync issue

An interesting situation for Sam when an AirPort Extreme will not allow outbound VPN connections

Sharing the detailed Unifi app with a client backfires on Sam

Joe has the age old problem of clients pinging him for freebies

Sam has trouble multitasking.  Joe has some answers.

Joe’s client emailed the wrong email address for PsiMac with surprising results

Taking it personal when your contact at a client leaves unexpectedly

uBlockorigin is a fascinating ad blocker -

Joe forces Sam to reveal some recently unpleasant experiences with Windows

Sam goes through a tough negotiation pitching MSP to a legacy client

When your potential replacement seeks details about the client