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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 24, 2019


-Sam and Joe are back after a one week hiatus

-On one of them’s latest travels, he is a fellow passenger with their flight entertainment system July Joe has a story of helping a friend with theory and their HomePod while visiting line

-Sam's local mail truck catches fire!

-Joe and Sam are discuss the filters in iOS Mail app and how it can confuse end-users

-Ignoring the support ticket is a perk that Sam thoroughly enjoys

- In recent work with a local Unifi controller, Sam discovers just how easy it is to access the database and reset the admin password:

-Sam and Joe discuss the origin of “Bob‘s your uncle”

-In what can be filed in the “I should have known this” section of the show, Sam discovers keyboard shortcuts in the calendar app that blow him away

-The new iPhone and Apple Watch models are briefly discussed and the guys kick around ideas about upgrading

-An interesting new development is the Apple Independent Repair Program: