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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 19, 2019


-Sam is off to an undisclosed location in Alaska

-As Jerry complains about Sam’s darkened contact photo, Joe talks custom contact photos

-Jerry has a head smack moment as he too, is affected by the certificates expiring for Apple’s macOS installers. Here are direct download links for macOS installers with valid certificates:
Catalina -
Mojave -
High Sierra -
Sierra -
El Capitan -
Yosemite -

-Joe talks about how time consuming it can be to update the installers, especially since he has multiple PsiTool drives 

-Jerry offers a tip which deals with the Expanded Control Strip (System Preferences>Keyboard>Touch Bar Shows) that overrides Control Strip settings that would appear per app

-Backblaze PSA: Business Groups have the ability to keep Version History for 1-year or Forever; this applies to external hard drives that may have been unplugged for more than 30 days for example. Thanks Dan Monge @ Mac I.T. Pros, supporter of the show. 

-BackBlaze B2 is the method Joe uses for his Synology clients.  He has found success in charging clients a flat fee based on the amount of data they have.  Jerry challenges his pricing method

-Joe vents about working with clients that don’t see the light with their IT needs

-Jerry talks about his automation setup when he connects his iPhone 11 to CarPlay.  While in the midst of a ride in his car, he has an incident where attempting to reboot his iPhone caused a 911 alert and for his emergency contacts to be notified.  Jerry researches and learns how to force restart his iPhone:

-Through all of this, Joe recommends going to Apple’s support article about their SOS features:

-Late breaking news from Jerry - Ubiquiti released their UniFi Dream Machine, which acts as a gateway, router, switch, & access point:

-Jerry really likes the Synology RT2600AC router (  Similar feature set but it also includes a USB port, where you can plug in a drive for network backup

-PsiMac now offers a monthly network maintenance and updates service. But he does have a PSA. He ran into an unexpected issue when testing notification emails were failing. As it turns out, he found that the “test email” button in UniFi simply doesn’t work. 

-Another PSA from Joe - he was receiving multiple notifications about UniFi devices being connected, even though they had not disconnected.  UniFi support didn’t have any reasoning so the advice is to turn that feature off at this point.