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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 10, 2019


-The crew does an Addigy check up to see where they stand with managed clients 

 -Joe brands his Addigy restart scripts after the show and it’s a top rated download!

-Jerry & Joe consider adding snarky comments to their messages to users 

-Joe talks more about his fancy scripts like rebuilding the spotlight index and checking for download sizes
ls -lh /Library/Addigy/download-cache/downloading
The main part of Joe's script:
du -sh /Library/Addigy/download-cache/downloading | cut -f1,1

-TeamViewer’s version upgrades and the lack of ability to manage from an earlier version frustrates Joe

-Inside a scam call center by Jim Browning youtube channel that busts fake tech support scam centers:

-Joe complains that users will not accept Apple’s advice for strong passwords but will accept fake tech support scams. Jerry has a different take on the password feature.