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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 24, 2019


-A merry crimble to everyone!

-Jerry calls Sam Scrooge McDuck

-Alrhough timing is tough, Sam has to let an employee go

-A topic that is born out of this experience is “offboarding”

-Joe has some experience in this arena. He talks about some of the logistics and difficulties that comes with that. 

-that experience also caused Joe to tighten up his onboarding process 

-One of the concerns of releasing an employee is unemployment benefits 

-Does timing really matter that much?

-Business and friendship do not mix 

-Access for services and devices, while considered, needed to be re-evaluated 

-Sam has one thing to say about Joe’s shared contacts issue:

-Replacing the most employee is not on the immediate radar for HCS as of right now 

-Since answering calls was one part of Sam’s for employee’s job, he might now look at a virtual assistant service like

-Subcontractors can be a good resource to fill company needs with less of a burden

-Data loss is a major topic that is a point of pride for the crew

-The team gets chummy about the support they have for each other