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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 14, 2020


-The boys are back in town (spread the word)

-Joe gives Jerry credit for an old Time Machine reference to turn off low priority throttle for a speedy backup

-Joe has two clients in a short span that were victims of “hacking”

-In one instance, an Apple ID was stolen. In another, a transfer of 20k was almost completed by an evil doer 

-The common factor between the two was the user’s cellular number

-With SIM hijacking, an attacker can port your SIM to a new device or even to switch carriers

-Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) was a victim of SIM hijacking

-The crew laments over all of these security concerns that surround us, and are astonished that people still don’t get it

-Joe’s other client, lost access to their business phone number. His carrier first required a police report 

-Joe has a theory that these events were planned during Apple’s holiday shutdown, since resources are thin 

-An incredibly important recommendation is to create a PIN for your cellular carrier as another layer of protection 

-Another tip is to not use your cellular phone as your two factor authentication. Rather use an Authenticator app o Google voice number.

-Samsung Pass’ presentation included icons from that were complete rip offs of Face ID & Touch ID