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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 4, 2020


-Jerry & Sam have a rare show together

-Sam is short staffed for a week and, of course, everything happens at once

-A discussion brews about the state of business in Connecticut 

-Working remotely is something Joe is very familiar with but Sam discusses working remotely with clients that move out of state

-An Apple retail store is relocating to a closer location to Sam & Joe, possibly creating new opportunities

-When business is slow, Jerry has some methods of drumming up business by developing partnerships.  One example is Drive Savers’ partner program:

-Another great podcast that Jerry suggest (and Sam won’t listen to) is “The Dream”

-Sam was in a difficult spot training a fellow consultancy on Jamf Pro for a client.  When their newly trained employee left, the client was now left in the lurch.

-Jerry talks about some red flags to look out for when meeting with potential new clients

-As Sam tries to automate more in his business, he came across a Zendesk integration called Deadline, by SweetHawk:

 -A tip from Jerry for after hours or automated replies to inquiries is the web widget:

-Sam is exploring a similiar web widget from Zendesk:

-Teaser for another show, Sam goes head first into Addigy functionality and finds a treasure trove of features