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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 11, 2020


-Not surprisingly, a UniFi topic kicks off the show.  As Jerry rolls his eyes about the UniFi Dream Machine, it appears UniFi has released a rack mountable Dream Machine Pro:

-Joe recounts a story of him installing a Dream Machine and Flex HD

-Joe has a PSA  and UniFi best practices to share: Turn off Settings > Site > Uplink Connectivity Monitor (only if no mesh access points in use!). Turn off Settings > Site > Auto-Optimize Network. Turn off Settings > Wireless Networks > SSID > Advanced Options > High Performance Devices. 
Modify the DTIM Period

-Wi-Fi channel management and manual vs automatic is something Sam & Jerry differ on

-DHCP vs static vs DHCP reservations.  What do you do?

-Joe has a new business idea for an auto power cycling router

-The gang jokes about photos clients take and send to help diagnose issues

-Sam discovers that you can set up a single UniFi access point without the use of a controller and simply use the app

-UniFi “rolling upgrades” via the controller can be confusing, as noted by Joe when doing it recently.  It's mostly been successful, because the Start Rolling Upgrade button is only available when viewing the "Wireless" tab, which only lists the APs – and yet, it includes the switch update as part of it 

-Jerry has a client that requires manual firmware of their 16 Ubiquiti UniFi devices using SSH

-Zendesk has a great API to use with mail clients so you can quickly change the status of tickets, assign to agents, etc.  Sam discovers this late in the Zendesk game but it has already made him much more efficient dealing with tickets:

-Another PSA from Joe, Apple has begun recycling serial numbers for Mac computers so companies like Watchman Monitoring need a new method of determining the estimated age of a machine.

-Sam has an odd end result when dealing with an old issue of Spotlight being unable to search Outlook emails

-The “Focused” email in Outlook can be too easy to click on and confuse the user.  Jerry has seen this all too often.  Joe wants to rename it “randomly hide some of my stuff”.

-As the spotlight conversation goes on, Joe mentions a script he created in Addigy to destroy and rebuild the spotlight database: