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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 25, 2020


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-Joe happens to be in his office for a change yet Sam is recording at 65+ MPH

-As Sam is using AirPods to record, they discuss the naming convention behind AirPods Pro

-Joe has a mail migration to handle for a client and is sad to discover POP mailboxes in the mix

-Local mailboxes create a need to migrate to a mail server using a mail client.  Both Joe & Sam prefer Outlook over Apple Mail for this purpose.

-Curve balls in a project like mail migrations always make billable time a challenge

-This calls to mind a recent proposal that Sam presented to a new client, only to find that they had additional devices that he didn’t account for

-As Sam looks to increase monthly revenue, he is focusing on additional services like JumpCloud & Backupify.

-One of Sam’s clients decides to openly risk data loss when presented with cloud backup options in Backupify.

-This same client recently had a migration from a local file server to Google Drive and even with a planning meeting involved, still came up with surprises and workflow changes that made the process an ongoing challenge

-Joe recalls a story of hanging up on a client after being disrespectfully addressed

-“They’re not jerks.  They’re just stupid!”

-Respect in a working relationship is an absolute necessity 

-Sometimes you should not take on a new client if you see red flags

-A benefit of “co-opetition” is warning each other about difficult clients

-Joe has been performing a number of migrations to Dropbox lately

-Sam has a question for Joe & fellow consultants when choosing cloud storage services if a client has a product that already has that functionality

-“Failure mode observations” by Joe.  Could this be another corner?