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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 10, 2020


-Deliveries is a great app from JuneCloud to track shipments for your business or your clients from any carriers

-Very top of mind is the delay of shipments from China due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

-It is reminiscent of the shortage of SSD drives from Taiwan due to extreme weather

-Conferences like Google IO, Facebook F8 have been canceled due to virus concerns as well

-Joe suggests to run a report to see where core equipment and hardware come from to make sure you have stock in case of shortages

-Jerry recently had to do a big restore from BackBlaze.  Both Joe & Sam suggested having a drive sent.  But Jerry proactively prepared the backup overnight and then restored all 70 GB before arriving to the client site. 

-After struggling to unzip the data using multiple GUI tools, Jerry was able to use the command line to extract the data

-All this reminds the hosts how many end users don’t think to backup their Mac

-DollyDrive anyone?

-With the uncertainties about data integrity on Catalina, listener Chris Hart writes in to provide his workflow for migrating to Apple’s latest OS.  Steps include booting from an external volume and using Carbon Copy Cloner.

-Another option for comparing files that Joe suggests is using the ‘diff’ or ‘rsync’ commands

-Any listeners have their own methods for migration to mitigate the risks of data loss?