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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 17, 2020


-Jerry & Sam sit down to talk about how current times are affecting our businesses

-Next week we will have Adam Engst from The TidBITS Content Network to talk more about tips for operating our businesses during trying times

-Sam describes reaching out to monthly clients to make them aware of remote support for the next couple of weeks

-Speaking of TidBITS Content Network, Jerry talks about reaching out to clients with information

-Sam is very curious about how our fellow consultants are handling the situation

-Due to a Jamf 200 class coming up, Sam has to be in New York City this week and expresses his concern. But it does make him think about how to handle interactions

-Misinformation on social media aggravates Sam tremendously

-Supply availability is a very real issue in Jerry’s parts

-Jerry has small client visits this week that he is keeping on the calendar as of now

-Remote access has been a feature that is keeping some of us very busy

-Chrome Remote Desktop is a decent alternative for remote access that can be used in smaller environments:

-Syncing a local Synology NAS with a cloud service can make access to data simpler

-While Sam has not sent out a message to all of his clients but Jerry has taken the step of keeping his clients informed

-ACEs Conference has been postponed until October 20-21, 2020.  Justin & team are working to hold a virtual conference May 19-20 and Command Control Power will be a part of it!  10% of ticket sales are being donated to No Kid Hungry.  Stay tuned for more information.

-If you have topics or something you would like to discuss on the show or mail in to the show, let us know!