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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 10, 2020


-This week were are joined by Brian Burke, Chief Mac Man of

-Brian has always been passionate about computers and even helped teach his computer class in 5th grade!

-After successfully selling products, including used cell phones in college, Brian started buying and selling a lot of Apple products online. The idea of was born.

-Brian has purchased Mac computers as old as 2008.

-Sam always has family approaching him for used Apple products. Brian will be happy to take them off his hands.

-Joe also notes that support goes along with helping family acquire older products.

-Brian points to his customer service as the secret to his success.

-That level of customer service makes Joe recall offering support around the clock in his early days.

-The crew is reminded of a local grocery store chain, Stew Leonard’s, that has similar service etiquette.

-The flip side of always catering to the customer is those that attempt to take advantage.

-As Jerry joins the fray, he wants to know more from Brian about their process, from intake to checklist, cleaning, and resale. 

-SellYourMac has custom made boxes for every model of Mac computer.  It also helps to ensure integrity of the shipment so customers can get full value. 

-Brian’s company does sell parts they don’t use. 

-The topic of repairability comes up as Joe talks of past difficulties and Brian talks of the lack of repair options in the future. 

-How much RAM should you get in your Mac?

-What’s a Mac Pro?

-Sam inquired about selling multiple computers at once. Brian directs him to their Sell in Bulk are of the site:

-Brian talks about an option for purchasing renewed devices:

-Outside of the Apple world, Brian is also a sommelier, a notary public, ordained minister, and a certified scuba instructor. He also administered his own brother’s wedding!

-Brian’s biggest passion is actually cooking. 

-Speaking of cooking, Joe talks about Green Chef boxes. Organic food, ready to make. 

-Trade In For A Purpose - Brian began this formal campaign to gift Mac computers to underprivileged students. This has an amazing impact on their lives and work on their education:

-Sell Your Mac is offering all of our listeners a bonus. Just use the promo code “CCP” at Sell Your Mac and Renewed Macs