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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jul 27, 2021


  • Jerry talks about the used Mcintosh amplifier from 1967 he recently got for himself.

  • He gives a warning about energizing older products like this because it can be dangerous.

  • What is appropriate to wear on the job?

  • Sam shares a story about his clients dog ripping his brand new corduroys.

  • There’s a certain value you provide when you dress the part.

  • Joe shares some of his favorite button down shirts.

  • The group discusses raising rates and how to communicate that you are doing so with clients.

  • Sam explains that he has stopped giving discounts to new clients to win them over because he charges what his services are worth.

  • Jerry likes to slowly creep his rates up so it isn’t a huge jump.

  • Sam recently increased his hourly rates and he explains how he’d rather have longer term relationships with his clients and his pricing shows that.

  • Adding valuable monthly services helps you to bill outside of hourly labor.

  • The group discusses billing for network monitoring.