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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 14, 2021


Sam struggles with an email migration going from Microsoft 365 hosted by Go Daddy to a straight Microsoft 365 tenant. 
-Somehow Sam didn’t lose financially on this extended amount of time. 
-Jerry discovered an issue importing an Outlook PST file. 
-New Outlook is a “dumpster fire of a product”. 
-Joe talks about a method of getting Facebook support by way of buying an Oculus. 
-Music Match causes some confusion for a client of Jerry’s. 
-Sam’s worst nightmare seems to come true with Harmonizely. 
-The Harmonizely incident spawns a bigger discussion about being up front about billing for meetings. 
-Jerry misses an opportunity for a snappy comeback. 
-A client of Jerry’s unplugs his wireless antenna with surprising results.