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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 21, 2021


-Jerry describes some of his wireless challenges in his house as he moves from Eero to UniFi. 
-The UniFi Doorbell G4 is the latest addition to his UniFi suit of products.
-Using a headless Mac mini, he utilizes Home Bridge to add devices that are not HomeKit compatible.
-Similarly, Sam uses a Chamberlain Wi-Fi garage door opener with a “Home Bridge” device that is extremely unreliable.
-“Hey Squirrely”
-Hardware availability and keeping devices in stock is a constant challenge and moving target.
-Sam tried to get a straight answer out of UniFi support for default settings to enable/disable to improve network functionality. They supplied a support article:
-The UniFi Smart Plug is a very useful device at an excellent price point:
-Joe & Sam gush over their Apple Silicon computers and Jerry shares his unhappiness. 
-Target Disk Mode and Apple Silicon. Is this still a thing?
-Joe prefers using Time Machine backups as a migration source.
-Jerry uses to hire a VoiceOver actor for a customer voicemail system.