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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 7, 2021

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-Jerry encounters a personal situation with a client and Joe recalls similar situations, even remotely.

-Does this photo look like an electrical outlet or two USB ports?

-Joe has a heck of a day involving QuickBooks support.

-Unbelievably, after considerable support time on what he believed to be a Mac, Joe’s client sends him a photo that surprises him.

-Clients lack of planning shouldn’t be our emergency.

-Prepaid hourly blocks can feel like free work if enough time passes.

-Jerry asks the question; Is it Connect4 or Control4?

-One of Jerry’s clients cannot grasp the concept of cloud vs local music. And the A/V tech was not helping.

-Complex A/V systems can be cumbersome for a user.

-Joe experiences problems with a UniFi/Sonos setup.

-Using a modem purchased separately rather than “renting” from the ISP can be a good alternative.