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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 14, 2021


-Joe had some audio troubles. Could it be that he spilled water on his own computer?

-Jerry is tied of the “How did we do?” surveys for phone support.

-A Thanksgiving recap.

-Will Joe get a puppy?

-During Thanksgiving dinner, Jerry had to clarify that the FBI were not providing free Wi-Fi.

-Tech support for family is par for the course over the holidays.

-AT&T and T-Mobile have discounts for seniors but…only in Florida.

-After buying an AirTag, Jerry finds a nifty case from Elevation Lab. But he was not pleased with the outcome.

-After listening to The Beatles Documentary, Let It Be, Jerry gifts us his review.

-While on the subject, Sam recommends The Velvet Underground documentary. 

-Joe likes the From the Basement series

-How do you troubleshoot communicating with an Apple TV when you didn’t bring the remote with you?

-Sam uses his phone to prank his son when using Siri on Apple TV.