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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 11, 2022


-This week we welcome back our friend, Luis Giraldo. Luis is CEO at Ook Enterprises and Chief Experience Officer at ScalePad

-A long standing MSP, Luis started Monkey Box in 2013, which carried him over to IT Glue.  

-Luis speaks about managing his time between his MSP company and time with ScalePad. 

-Luis discusses the hero complex that consultants face, where we just want to do right by the customer but have trouble billing appropriately for our time. 

-ScalePad addresses this head on and approaches conversations with customers as a service activity as opposed to a sales pitch. 

-As Sam recalls learning about scheduled client meetings from Luis’ appearance in years past, he talks of more automated and regular reports. 

-Jerry wants to hear about Luis’ business story through Covid times. 

-Somehow he has not opened Apple Mail in months. He has moved to web mail clients and talks about the hardware being of less importance as cloud is the focus..

-Both Sam and Luis have been having trouble hiring new employees. They discuss the employee driven market. 

-Joe has had thoughts about stock options or profit sharing. Luis also brings up what small businesses have to think about to retain employees for the long term. 

-IT consultancy acquisitions and personal brands are hot topics as of late. 

Care to reach out to Luis Giraldo or learn more about him? Look no further.


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ScalePad - Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Ook Enterprises - CEO

Luis’ Jazz albums on Apple Music
"It's Always You" - 2008 -
"Day Dream" - 2002 -
(New album coming in 2022 with the New York-based Ben Paterson Trio!)

In the immediate future, he will be in Phoenix Jan 18-20 for the IoTSSA conference