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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 14, 2022

Command Control Power has reached our 9th anniversary! We have been recording new episodes every week since June of 2013. We are very appreciative of our Patrons and over the next month or so, we are going to do something a little different to show our appreciation.

We will be airing new shows every week on the private Patreon feed.  On the public show we will re-air a classic episode from our catalog of almost 500 episodes, along with the occasional new show. Become a Patron today for access to the freshest content, get a peek behind the scenes, and more candid conversations about running our businesses, dealing with clients and fixing tough technical issues.


-We kick around our thoughts on WWDC and hardware releases.

-Jerry is quoted in an article about his thoughts on WWDC 2022.

-What are your thoughts on the latest Messages updates?

-Small Cubed could get “Sherlocked” with the latest Mail announcements. They quickly made an announcement:

-Joe wants custom Tapbacks.

-Texting with clients comes back up.

-We would love to hear from anybody using Apple Business Chat.

-Back to Mail Cubed, Jerry used Send Later and had another incident of messages disappearing before being sent.

-In a recent TidBITS Content Network article, they discuss iCloud shared folders and the extremely dangerous behavior of deleting items.

-While discussing the very welcome shared Photos library feature, Jerry warns us that all users will have full edit/delete capabilities.

-Screen sharing with some clients can be so infuriating at times.

-When you direct a client to restart to resolve an issue and it’s clear they have not, what’s the best way to address that?