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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 1, 2022


-Joe recommends for a multitude of automations, including voice control.

-He also created a series of AppleScript automator workflows to manage multiple Photos libraries.

-Managing multiple display screensavers -

-A great tip is the MonitorControl project to manage your external displays. Sam is very grateful.

-An external display that Joe likes is the DELL U2720Q which works over USB-C as well as an Apple TV screen on a second input using HDMI, with HomePod mini for audio.

-One last item is a great keyboard customizer for macOS: Karabiner-Elements. Joe used it to remap his F6 key.

-Sam recommends Miro to create visual collaboration tools. He used it to create a powerful presentation for a client.

-TextSniper is Jerry’s go-to tool to capture text. It’s incredibly useful and simpler than using the built in functionality of the OS to capture text.

-Sam had a troubling issue with a Synology connected to Active Directory. DNS servers were changed without alerting their team and the Synology could no longer display file share data since all permissions were tied to Active Directory.

-One of Joe’s clients calls him AFTER making changes to their VOiP system and needing emergency support.

-Joe received good feedback from Sam and others about using an M2 in clamshell mode. He can now make a more informed decision for a client.

-When setting up a new iPhone, Joe uses John Gruber’s tip to use the device to device transfer instead of iCloud backup. An important factor for this is porting over credentials stored in Keychain.