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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 29, 2022


-As a tree on Jerry’s property gets hit by lightning, he ends up down a rabbit hole of technical troubleshooting. 

-He goes through various replacement equipment and testing. Two products he recommends:
Coaxial surge protector
Ethernet surge protector

-He quickly finds that even basic things like turning on/off lights is difficult without internet. 

-A handy surge filter turns out to be a great, low cost option to protect from future lighting strikes. 

-Good advice from Dave Provine about proper grounding. 

-YouTube TV increases Joe’s monthly subscription cost. Except he finds that paying through Apple turns out to be the additional cost factor. 

-Sam expresses his frustration at increasing streaming costs. 

-After experiencing some client losses, Sam looks to manage company processes better. He finds his answer in