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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 28, 2023


-Joe likes Apple Music playlists. Sam takes live notes. Some good recommnendations:
Restorative Yoga

-Jerry can’t listen to music while working.

-He didn’t find Apple Fitness was working for him. Athlytic is an app that he highly recommends.

-Jerry is currently watching Skinwalker Ranch on Netflix.

-HomePod Mini should have a chargeable battery.

-Sam uses his HomePod as a speaker for his bedroom TV.

-Dark Reader is a great browser extension Sam uses with Safari to automatically enables dark mode for sites, even if they don’t support it.

-Sam’s latest gripe about 1Password is that it has a legit issue auto filling SonicWall pages.

-Why is 1Password 8 not in the App Store?

-Jerry doesn’t like DuckDuckGo.

-We get into browser preferences.

-Jerry and Sam both are independently testing Yubikey by Yubico for authentication.

-HCS wrote a guide for using security keys as a second factor with an Apple ID.

-Sam works with a client for a while before he asks the most basic of questions.

-Amazon DNS causes an issue with internet connectivity for one of Jerry’s clients.