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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 19, 2023

-Command Control Power has created an anonymous rates and plans survey. You can also learn more at our MacAdmins Slack channel. This will be a great way to better understand where your current rates, plans, and software stack stand in comparison with your fellow consultants. The survey can be filled out anonymously by anyone, regardless of Patreon status. We will discuss the results of this survey on an upcoming Patreon show. However, if you decide to participate in the survey, you can provide a contact email to receive results as well. We look forward to hearing from you!


-Sam received an unprompted positive email from a customer.

-Jerry talks about a recent client loss.

-Joe is growing tired of clients that don’t engage on a regular basis and then need immediate help.

-Legacy clients that have personal contact information is still a danger zone. We need to learn to set boundaries.

-AirTags are on sale for the holidays.

-Joe recommends the KeySmart Smart Card as an AirTag alternative.

-He has also been dealing with bad or faulty ThunderBolt cables.

-We talk Instagram hacks and security processes of Meta

-Jerry has a client with an internal IT department that was a little too eager about Apple security updates that were not relevant to them.

-Dealing with the latest model specific macOS updates is a challenge with tools like Nudge.